I Seriously Believe

I seriously believe watching TV at night, reading at night, running at night, writing at night, having fun at night, and doing activities at night can poison your brain.

Some activities need to be restricted to the daytime. If you do them past bedtime, they will invite mayhem, chaos, mischievous entities into your life.

Folklore states that you should always unplug your computer before you go to bed, and unless you're charging your phone, you should unplug that, too. They say it can drain useless electric energy from the outlets and raise your bills, but we all know that's not the real reason.

Electronic imps are evil nighttime creatures that get their jollies by terrorizing your devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, televisions, music players, and gaming consoles. Allegedly, they cannot feast on the power of "unfun" electronics such as alarm clocks, medical devices, fans, lamps, etc. But if it has any fun potential, there's potential for the imps to use it.

Funlings are also evil nighttime creatures that are attracted to the sounds and signs of people staying up late at night having fun... If you're dancing, singing, writing, drawing, or laughing at night, a funling could hear you and choose to terrorize you.

To avoid funlings and electronic imps, one should avoid having fun during the nighttime hours entirely. They should also unplug their "fun" devices, such as gaming consoles, when not in use or charging, unless it's totally necessary.

Some people choose to have fun at night anyway. Though it is not advised, here are some ways you can ward off funlings and electronic imps.


Funlings find hand-washing to be very boring and will retreat if they hear or see it. If you are going to stay up late and have fun, wash your hands several times throughout, loudly and with the door open. This is not effective on electronic imps, so beware!

Vegetable Eating

Both funlings and electronic imps find vegetables to be rancid and will run from the sight and smell of them. Setting out vegetables in your room may not be enough to ward them off, though, as older funlings and electronic imps tend to know they can't be harmed by them. For full effectiveness, eat vegetables throughout a session of nighttime funning.

Some report that both funlings and electronic imps will learn that the vegetables are harmless with time and experience, so do not use this tactic too long, or without varying with other tactics. DO NOT throw the vegetables at the creatures if they seem to curiously approach them and not avoid them. They will take this as a sign of aggression. You do not want to start a fight with funlings and electronic imps.

Bath Taking

Funlings and electronic imps are also both afraid of baths. This is a fairly effective method, to be done at sunset before a nighttime fun session. However, if done too late at night, the creatures will know it's an aversion tactic.