When it was over, he seemed pretty refreshed. You're glad every time a job goes well. Why wouldn't you? In a market as shaky as this, you're always going to be nervous when it goes wrong, or when something rubs the wrong way, or when it's just plain boring.

But, no, he seemed fine. Happy even! He paid you what he needed to. As he did, he handed you what seemed to be a sizable tip. Not sizable in numbers, but… in weight? You've been conditioned not to ask about it though, because people's private business is their own, or something like that. You've sort of forgotten what your boss said, but it would be pretty weird if someone asked you about how much you earnt after coming out of something relaxing, so perhaps you ought to just assume it instead. Maybe he's famous! Or maybe he's a bank robber? Then he bid you his farewell and a safe journey home.

"It's always a risky move travelling at this time. You never know what you'll find."

Like everything he said, you didn't really get it, but you smiled and nodded anyway.

"Yes, thank you sir. Have a good night."

He smiled again, and walked out, his long coat flowing in the golden air, bottom reflected in the marble floor. The lights had dimmed a little more—cursed mood lighting was going to have you asleep before you could get in your car and drive home, and that was definitely not a good thing.

And when your hands fumbled through the tip, you found a small piece of paper tucked between two twenties.