I’ like to thank Gucci for selling rthis baby to me in a dream.

He’s ready
He’s bebi.
Baby’s teeth
Eat the beef

Baby has a cross to bear
He tinkles down the forlorn stairs
He tinkles down, he’s everywhere
With a snap of baby teeth
He takes a bite of tender meat
His eyes are open like a plate
He is the charon of your fate
Ruddy gums to him belong
Baby’s teeth are growing strong
If you holler, if you fight
Baby use his teeth to bite
If you try to go head home
Baby finds you out alone
You cannot escape his glare
Baby see you everywhere.

His tonsils shine with silent glee
He is the only thing you see
Out at night when it grows dark
Baby’s waiting at the park
Teeth are bared in silent sound
Oh your worries do compound.

You pretend you’re not afraid,
but now you know you’ve been betrayed.
there is no God to save you now
you wouldn’t trust him anyhow
you knew you’d always meet your fate
on the ground at heaven’s gates

his teeth are sunken in your leg
your breath escapes, you start to beg
“I want to go to heaven, please”
your voice is nothing but a breeze.

there’s no remorse, you know it’s over
your gaze falls on a four leaf clover
if i’m ever born again
i’d like to be a better man
i want to have the strength to fight
against the baby’s jaws so tight

your eyes begin to droop and close
you now begin the long repose
with teeth embedded in your thigh
you take a breath, you close your eyes.