Subject: Green Beans
CC: ███████

█████, first of all I'd like to ask how you are. I hope things are ok.
However, I've been wondering... about the green beans. Have they cultivated well?
I know, always sweating the small stuff. I just know you were sad after the crop died last year.

Be good.

Subject: Refridgerator?
CC: █████

███████ is there any reason why you keep the damn freezer door open all the dang time? You're really harshing my hope flow. It's bad for the energy bill and also my garlic bread is soggy.
Please talk to me about this flagrant disregard for cooling technology.

Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:Last Night's Spaghetti Din...
CC: ██████████

lol yeah that was pretty wild. dont tell █████ about it though or he's gonna be up in my business again for who knows how long. thanks for the mushroom caps. tell █████ i miss em lol

Subject: null
CC: null