welcome to my hidden kin pageeeeeee

dont share this with people without permission pwease

click to enter :3


...*cough* *hack*

"...Oh god... call an ambulance..."


jaded stoner neko maid komaeda

THIS is my primary kin, he is literally me, no idont allow doubles and no he's not a delusion

i am quite literally him

i have kin memories of hotboxing my master's mansion. i have a bleak outlook on life and am constantly stoned.

i have a cool aesthetic nosebleed at nearly all times (probably from allergies), i dont care if i die or live, that's how my life goes

you can feel free to contact me if you think you are my master.

i might not accpt you as my MASTER so please be ready for me to turn you down.

i only kin within my ability so please let me know if am doing otherwise!

* - im not a stoner (i did weed twice) but i live in colorado and weed is legalized here. i have asked other stoners if this is ok and they said it is.

the truth is, baby, i just stone cold don't give a fuck.


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No, no no no no. This isn't a kin page. How the fuck did you find this page, anyway?

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You're already dead.