they said i grew from a seed

my hair sprouted out like a soft baby kitten peeking out of the dirt

with water and love i soon grew up to be a lovely sprout

in my little garden with all the otehrs

i dont remember what it was like transforming

from kindgom plantae to kingdom anamalia

or, hah, maybe that s not how it worked, but no one tells you

they just water you and you grow up to frget about it

i think if ii remembered back then i wouldnt appreciate life now

i would grow to loathe my creators

and maybe just hope

i could go back in the ground again

i like to dig in the dirt so maybe its a leftover

i think about what i looked like as a baby a lot

they said that after becoming a sprout

my body (roots) came down from my hair (flower)

maybe gromaeda was a gardener all along.

i thought he just grew pants but maybe plants, too.