This program requires the following in order to proceed:

  • Dark room with a closed door: Ensure that your computer screen is the only source of light in your room and there is no sound interference. It is recommended to balance the lighting in your space beforehand so that you can see your reflection in your screen.
  • Stable internet connection: Ensure that your internet connection is stable so you do not disconnect during the program runtime or lose any progress while it is underway. An ethernet cable is recommended.
  • Webcam: A functional webcam is needed for the program's user interface.
  • Speakers: Audio will play during the program.
  • Desktop computer: This program was optimized to run on a desktop computer. Users with a mobile device such as a smart phone or smart tablet are not fully supported and may run into bugs. As such, users on mobile devices peruse at your own caution.

Once you have prepared all of the requirements, click Continue to start the program.

Program failure

The program failed to start. Please make sure your device meets all the requirements and try again. Be sure to click "Allow" for KLM to use your webcam. Otherwise, click here for further troubleshooting.


Please position your face so that it aligns with the calibration marks on the screen, fitting the top of your head to your chin within the square.

Resizing or moving the browser window is permitted as long as the calibration square fits within it.

Once you are calibrated, press Continue.

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