Nagito Antonio Komaeda, Jr.

November 24, 2016 – January 9, 2017

"He lived as he died— blue, wet, and full of powerful energy."

"Komaeda Jr. was full of so much vitality that sometimes I swore he was speaking to me, even though I knew no voice could escape his vinyl, water-filled body. The words that came out were garbled and moist. He told me on several occasions that one day he would finally escape his hydrogen dioxide cage. By God, he kept that promise."

"He was so soft and warm. I miss him."

Photos of Our Beloved Boy

Komaeda Jr. on the night of his birth

Komaeda Jr. being a little goofball

He is perfectly snug!

Nagito's first bath. He soaked for days.

Komaeda Jr. sleeping in his nest.



His first manicure (you could say he was inspired)

Facts about Nagito Antonio Komaeda, Jr.

Komaeda Jr.... may the goo be sweeter on the other side.

We miss you.

But your mold could not remain, lest I breathe in your scent and contract bronchitis.