You notice a sprout, poking its head out of the otherwise cracked and dry earth. It seems to be struggling for survival in this desolate landscape.
You lean in for a closer look. Perhaps what this parched plant needs is some water?
> Yes
> No
You search your person for something for this wilted seed to drink. There's only a bit of water left in your canteen, but something about this sprout begs for your attention and care.
You dump a small helping of water over it. Much to your dismay, it garners no reaction. It is a plant, after all.
Did you expect gratitude?
> Yes
> No
No... Of course you shouldn't waste your resources on an already wilting plant in the middle of nowhere.
Why would it deserve it? What did it ever do for you?

Nothing but provide a distraction, clearly.
You want to crush it.
> Yes
> No

You expected a plant to be thankful to you and express its emotions?
How long have you even been out here?

Or better yet, do you know where you are?
You're starting to regret giving up that precious amount of water. Maybe you're dehydrated already.
You really should try to find your way home.
What a waste of space.

What a pathetic excuse for a creature.
In this sullen place, you're really doing it a favor by putting it out of its misery.
Destroying it feels nice for a moment.
Oh... That was the last thing out here. Perhaps the only living thing, as far as you can see.
But at least it's gone now.
Get ahold of yourself. Why would you waste your energy on something so inane, anyway?
You don't even know where you are, you have limited resources, and you're standing here considering devoting your time and energy to this shriveled up plant.
Gross. You're drenched in sweat, too.

Exactly how long have you been out here? It's a bit worrisome.
You really should try finding your way home.
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