Oh...hi! You found my little hiding spot, didn't you? Haha...

Well...it's alright. I don't mind you being here as long as you don't tell anyone else.

It's our secret now, okay?

...Please keep it a secret, though... I don't want anyone getting jealous.......



...Oh, you're looking at my organs?

I bet you're interested in them, huh? I can tell you all about them!

From left to right, these are their names: intestines, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidneys, lungs, and bladder!

They're pretty neat, aren't they?... I grew them myself. I'm so proud.

Aw... Thank you! I bet your organs are cute too.



...You mean to say...?...

What do you mean, "my face?"

I thought everyone's organs had their face printed on them. It's not weird, is it?...

Now I feel bad...

...Oh, but you said it's still cute. Thank you... That makes me feel better. At least I'm unique, right?

So, what types of organs do you have?

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

I have all those too! And all those glands and the skin and whatnot and the stuff that's not in my torso, too. (My brain's not pictured here, but I assure you he's real cute!)

Wait, but —

You say there's something missing?


I don't know what you're talking about. Clearly that's not an organ if people can function without it.

Do you have a ...?

That's weird.

I think I'm a bit grossed out to hear you elaborate on it. ...No thanks, I'll do without the details.

Um, but, are you even sure that's a real organ? Like... you haven't seen it up close, have you?

One time in science class? Years ago? ...And you still think it's real?

No... sorry. I don't think I believe that.

I've seen all my organs and I guarantee you that thing doesn't even exist. Sorry.