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Howdy, all! Let me introduce myself to y'all. I'm Mod Chefmaeda! I gave one of the mods this recipe and I'm glad they've decided to share it with you all.

Gonna give ya a lil backstory before a start though...

I remember the day they let me outside. Sun was shinin' behind the clouds. It was aboutta rain. Felt the grass between my toes. They let me play with the rats for a while. I felt like I didn't do enough that day. The rain began to fall and my skin began to burn. That was the first day I smelt flesh. It delighted my nose and I couldn't get enough. I felt as though I need to experience with all of my 23 senses.

When the rained stopped, I sneaked out again. I didn't have anything to cover my feet, so the muddy and wet terrain burnt the soles of my feet. It didn't hurt. So delightful! I picked up one of the rats and hid it in my extra fat pocket skin. I ran back into my humblr home and got out a pan. I cut his fur off and cooked the lil fellow hiding in my skin! The scent was MAGNIFICENT. And the taste of his skin? Unlike anything I've ever experience before. They found out I had a knack for cooking. So they began to bring me more and more things. Oh! But, you're probably waiting for the recipe, aren't ya? Well, here it is!

Mod Chefmaeda's Chicken Breast and Yellow Rice

What You'll Need:

2 cups of water

1 cup of rice

1 whole chicken breast

2 sticks of butter

Here's What To Do

First, pour the 2 cups of water into a pot on high heat. Add the rice when it begins to boil. When the water is nearly all gone, turn the heat on low and cover the pot.

Add butter to a pan of medium heat. When the butter begins to simmer add your chicken breast (doesn't matter if its not clean). Cook on both sides for however long you want or don't cook at all!. Add the rice and breast on a plate and serve!

Thanks for reading, y'all! I hope you try this recipe out and enjoy it!