[01:23:15 AM] 371: hey are you still mad
[01:23:34 AM] 371: i already apologized, and youre sort of pissing me off now
[01:24:55 AM] 371: its a holiday why dont you try being a bit more thankful
[01:36:42 AM] 371: This message has been removed
[02:48:29 AM] 371: ill come over if you keep ignoring me like this
[02:51:03 AM] 371: i saw you typing so ill say what i need to say
[02:54:39 AM] 371: i didnt think youd be so moved by what i said. thats not why i said it. i didnt think a silly comment would get you so riled up. i know its hard for all of us right now, and maybe the wrong things are being said at the wrong time, but none of us were prepared for what happened. not you, and not me either.
[02:55:24 AM] 371: thats all that happened. i wasnt trying to target you or hurt you in any way. i was just talking.
[02:56:49 AM] 371: and maybe next time
[02:56:38 AM] 371: maybe next time you wont get the last bite
[06:27:19 AM] 371: i just shot a turkey dead
[06:56:13 AM] 371: yeah that bitch is dead
[06:58:21 AM] 371: 739 and 459 are defeathering it
[06:59:42 AM] 371: i didnt think turkeys had so many feathers haha
[06:59:58 AM] 371: when i was hatchling i thought they were just thin fingers covered in hair
[07:01:12 AM] 371: 3500 digits reaching out from its fleshy fat
[07:06:42 AM] 371: 615 is cooking it soon
[07:06:51 AM] 371: you can come over later if you want
[07:11:23 AM] 371: im going to get some sleep
[07:11:43 AM] 371: This message has been removed
[07:11:51 AM] 371: This message has been removed
[07:11:57 AM] 371: This message has been removed
[07:12:01 AM] 371: This message has been removed
[07:12:06 AM] 371: have a good morning
[04:56:37 PM] 371: good afternoon
[05:00:00 PM] ██: good afternoon
[05:01:01 PM] 371: oh
[08:00:00 PM] ██: we tied his feet pointed upwards
[08:00:10 PM] ██: where he called his last call, and
[08:00:20 PM] ██: fell, rapidly, to die on
[08:00:30 PM] ██: the ground. and nobody was there to
[08:00:40 PM] ██: watch. nobody gazed as his form,
[08:00:50 PM] ██: beautiful, collapsed.
[08:01:00 PM] ██: and i miss him so dearly.
[10:49:03 PM] 371: This message has been removed
[11:33:23 PM] 371: i thought of you when we cut open the turkey
[11:33:49 PM] 371: thought of your overcooked body sitting on a table and no one being audacious enough to eat you
[11:34:01 PM] 371: weird how turkey day seems to bring that out in our kind
[11:34:14 PM] 371: but you know us
[11:34:35 PM] 371: wed never eat our own