This is... Mod 13's room? It looks a lot different than you'd expect, even if this is a KLM Mod.
There's a half-finished wireframe sculpture, being built with what you can only hope is a very convincing substitute for raw meat, and a magazine collage of a human face on a bulletin board.
At the very least, it smells pleasant, like honey and lavender. So you guess that means the meat isn't real... hopefully.
Mod 13: Oh, , you want to share a room with me? I'm honored... I'll make it worth your while, promise!
Mod 13: Even though you're the last human in this building...
  • > That's it, freak, I'm leaving...
  • > What does that mean?
  • > Aren't you human, too?
Mod 13: Oh, sorry. It was a joke.
  • > ...
  • > Haha.
Mod 13: It means you're the last human in this building.
Mod 13: A beating heart. A cognizant and sentient brain ruled by self-determination and self-interest. Legs that can run. Hair that can grow. Skin that can be sheared off, and grow back.
Mod 13: A short-lived creation meant to live only as long as this universe sees fit. A beautiful creature that fights for its life at every step, creating as much blood as possible, breathing as much oxygen as possible.
Mod 13: That's what a human is, isn't it?
  • > Oh, yeah. I guess.
  • > I thought I was a Komaedaling.
  • > Aren't you human, too?
Mod 13: That's what a human is.
  • > Oh. Okay.
Mod 13: No. I'm not a human. I'm Mod Komaeda 13.
Mod 13: But you can just call me Komaeda!
  • > Right...
Mod 13: Hey, do you want to know a secret?
  • > Not really
  • > Sure, why not
Mod 13: I think the human body is pretty neat. You think so, too, don't you, ?

I'm making a sculpture of it right now, actually.

That's what that is? How... reassuring.
Mod 13: But the secret is... well, I have two secrets, if that's okay?
"That's fine."
Mod 13: Ah, I'm grateful...
Mod 13: The first secret is, Mod Ibuki is a human.
Mod 13: The second secret is that I don't know if she's a moderator or not.
  • > She's a human
  • > She's a moderator
Mod 13: Is she? I guess that explains it, then.
Mod 13 falls silent for a moment.
...Is he trying to hint at something? It's kind of weirding you out.
Mod 13: If it's alright with you, ... Could you, um...
"Yes, Mod 13?"
Mod 13: ...It's Komaeda.

You can call me Komaeda. Let's try that again.

...Really? Why's he pushing to be called that so hard? Whatever, you guess...
"Okay... Komaeda. What did you want?"
Mod 13: Oh, well I... I was wondering if you could share a secret with me, as well, .
"Um, exactly what kind of secret?"
Mod 13: Do you think... Do you think that... I could become hu—
He stops mid sentence. The silence weighs heavily on you once more.
Mod 13: Whoa, you really thought I was serious! Haha.
This guy is definitely on another level...
Mod 13: Maybe we should get to bed. It's been a long day for you, hasn't it?
Mod 13: You can have whichever bed you like. I'll turn off the lights so we can get some sleep...
Mod 13, or you guess, Komaeda reaches over to the lamp and turns out the lights. You pick the bed nearest the door and get ready to sleep.
It's definitely been a tiring day. After settling into bed, you realize how grateful you are that these mattresses are so comfy... you could sleep like a baby.
...As long as the lights are out and you can't see whatever monstrosities Mod 13 has got in here.
Suddenly, the lights flicker back on, as if to take that single joy from you.
Mod 13: Sorry, it's just... To be quite honest, , I had an actual request I wanted to ask of you...
Mod 13: I was just... um, I was wondering if...
His cheeks glow red. For the first time tonight, he's actually making an expression that isn't either ambiguous or terrifying.
Mod 13: Would it be alright... if we shared a bed? I was just wondering... how warm human flesh could be.
  • > Yes
  • > No
"That would make me happy, Mod 13."
The words came out of your mouth faster than you could process it. He might be a bit eccentric, but he's been so kind to you. Maybe he's growing on you?
...Like, in a romantic way, not in a mold or parasite kind of way. Although you bet he would think the latter options are great.
Mod 13: Really?! Oh, , that makes me happy, too! Then... then, would you stay where you are in bed for a moment?
Could it really be...? Your heart is aflutter in your chest.
Mod 13: Perfect! Just stay there awhile longer...
You wait for what seems like forever.
You wish he'd at least turn off the lights in the meantime, you feel like that collage face has been staring at you...
Mod 13: Um, could you get up now, ?
"...Huh? What do you mean?"
You sit upright. Mod 13 gestures for you to move away from where you were.
He seems... disappointed? So are you, to be honest.
Mod 13: Aren't there supposed to be... decomposition stains?
"Wh-what?! What is that supposed to mean?!"
Mod 13: Um, never mind. You can sleep in your own bed now, . Good night.
Mod 13: Sorry, didn't mean to weird you out. I guess you Komaedalings can be quite different from us...
Mod 13: So then, , what kind of movies do you like? Maybe we could watch some for fun.
  • > Comedy
  • > Horror
  • > Romance
Mod 13: Oh, I know just the movie! Wait here...
Mod 13 pulls out a large bin filled with VCRs and puts one in the VCR player. It's kind of endearing, still using VCRs in this day and age...
Actually, it's nauseating.
Before the previews have even finished, Mod 13 seems to have dozed off...

Apparently, Cheaper by the Dozen is the movie he chose. Not really what you had in mind, but you don't want to wake him up now.

You try to fall asleep, but are instead tormented by Steve Martin cracking numbskull jokes for the next 106 minutes.

You are loathe to say, maybe you even laughed at one or two. But that's it, time for bed...

Wait, is Mod 13 awake? He's putting in another movie.

Maybe it's a more relaxing one and you can get some shut-eye... surely, since he dozed off not long after.

But... this is Cheaper by the Dozen 2.
You didn't get any sleep that night. Instead, you watched Cheaper by the Dozen and Cheaper by the Dozen 2.
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