Mod 16's room has a stale, musty, smoky smell. Not an offensive odor, but it isn't very welcoming. It's really stuffy too, like it desperately needs to be aired out with an open window.
He has some... interesting posters along the walls.
What's with that pile of pillows doing in the corner? There isn't even a bed in sight.
Wait, the white shag pillow in that pile is... trembling?
Mod 16: HELLO!
Mod 16: HI!
Mod 16: SORRY!!

I was just taking a nap—

Mod 16: Oh! You're...
Mod 16: The Komaedaling guest?

I... Hello...

He's staring at you with a glassy eyed, vacant expression.
Mod 16: You're... You're going to room with me? Sorry, I was taking a nap in my nest—
Mod 16: —Erm, bed.

(Stupid, stupid... I shouldn't call it my "nest" in front of people, no one likes it when I act like a stupid bastard rat idiot...)

You aren't sure if he knows he's speaking out loud... He's muttering, but seemingly just doesn't understand how to control his own volume.
Getting a good look at this Komaeda, he has shifty eyes and a constipated smile. He doesn't seem dangerous or anything, but he reeks of insecure desperation.
Even if he does sleep in a nest like a rodent... It wouldn't be so bad to give him a chance.
Mod 16: So um, just so you know, it's okay if you change your mind about rooming with me...
Mod 16: I have a tendency to act like a stupid fat gay dumbass with no friends. I wouldn't want your stay here to be a pain.
  • > You seem like a fine Komaeda to me
  • > No need to be so nervous, don't worry too much
"I like you fine so far."
Mod 16: Um... I...
Mod 16: ...
Mod 16: ...
He promptly cuts off the small talk and just stares at you (or maybe past you?), his eyes glassy and unblinking.
Mod 16: ..........

Hey um, do you like art? I mean, like cartoon drawings?

You nod in response.
Mod 16: And... ... H-Have you...
Mod 16: Have you heard of... furries?
  • > Yes
  • > No
Mod 16: OH! Well...
Mod 16 went on to excitedly explain furries to you, but let's be honest.
You already know what furries are.
Don't lie to Komaeda Love Mail.
Mod 16: Ahhhh I'm so sorry, I rambled and probably just confused you...
Mod 16: Did that make any sense? Did I help you understand what furries are?
  • > Yes
  • > No
Mod 16: I don't want to bore you forever... maybe we can look at Wikifur together later.
  • > Alright...
Mod 16: ...
Mod 16: I know I just met you.... But I really feel like I can open up to you.
Mod 16: If you're alright with it... I'd like you to see my fursona.
He pulls a piece of notebook paper out of his pocket and hands it to you.
  • > Look at the drawing
Mod 16: So um...
Mod 16: What do you think of it?
  • > It's alright...
  • > This is... Beautiful.
  • > It's disgusting.
Mod 16: ...
Mod 16: Ah, um...
Mod 16: Do you maybe mean that in a good way? Uh, I don't mean to be a bother but... I really want to know if you like it, without any ambiguity.
Mod 16: What do you think of it?
  • > Don't worry, I really do think it's good!
  • > I'm nauseated
"Mod 16, I don't think I can express how disgusting you are for being a furry. I hate your ugly fursona. I hate that you genuinely thought I would want to see this."
"I honestly don't like you enough to want to even try to humor you. Clearly I've made the wrong choice of roommate. I legitimately don't even want to look at you."
Mod 16: This is...


Mod 16: I-I see. I'm s-sorry for showing this to you.
As he should be...
You leave the room, hearing ugly choking sobs behind you as you go.
Many of the mods look somewhat uncomfortable after hearing you clearly yell at 16.
"This is very cute, 16... I'm so glad you showed me your fursona, and I'm glad you opened up to me."
Mod 16: ... That makes me feel... so happy...

Before now, Mod 19 was the only one here who I could talk to about this...

Mod 16: Mod 12 tolerated it, but never let me speak of it. Knowing you really understand me, and don't call me a "freak" or a "dirty rat" or a "stupid gay bitch"... I'm a bit overwhelmed.
Mod 16: Would you... maybe...
He wrings his hands nervously.
Mod 16: ...Come to a furry rave with me?
  • > Hell yes
Mod 16: , you've made me the happiest little rat in the world...
Mod 16: I'll go get dressed!
Mod 16 hurriedly gets ready. He's grabbing flashy, apparently rave-appropriate clothing and accessories from the small dresser near his pillow nest, and runs to another room to get changed.
He's moving in a strange, jittery way; with a jerking gait and twitching limbs.
You have to admit to yourself, honestly, you're feeling pretty nervous about agreeing to this... You've never done this kind of thing before and you said yes without even thinking! But 16 looks so happy...
You look over at the dresser he just rummaged through, and the scented candle and incense resting on top catch your eye.
While it doesn't smell terrible in here, it is very stale and stuffy. On the opposite wall there's a window...
It might be nice to open up that window and light up the incense and candle.
  • > Sure, that does sound nice.
  • > Nah, it's fine.
You walk over to the window intending to open it just a crack, but no matter how hard you pull on it, it won't open. You settle for leaving the door ajar.
It doesn't bring in as much fresh air as an open window would. But, oh well. You can still freshen up the room.
Conveniently enough, a lighter is sitting on the window ledge, and you walk back over to the dresser with it in hand.
The incense and candle are both rose scented. When you light them both you immediately feel more at-ease, and can actually appreciate the atmosphere and even the decorations of Mod 16's room.
Out of the corner of your eye you see that the drawer is slightly open, and inside, next to some sloppily folded clothing, is a dusty notebook.
You had seen a different notebook on the floor, which you assume 16 uses more. This one could have old drawings of his... or it could even be a diary.
Will you read it?
  • > No way, that's none of my business
  • > Oh god, I can't not look
Dust coats your fingertips when you pick it up. You guess he has such a small amount of clothing in that drawer that it's been able to remain untouched for quite awhile.
You aren't sure if you just got too much insight, or not enough.
You put it back and close the drawer just in time for Mod 16 not to see when he comes back.
  • > Continue
Hey , sorry I took so long—
Something seems different... Hmm...
Oh! You lit that candle Mod 12 gave me!

That's so nice of you!!

Are you ready to go?
You take a good look at his outfit... It's...
  • > Adorable
  • > Hideously gaudy... But I'd better not hurt his feelings
You're alone for just a few minutes before 16 comes back.
Hey, ! Hope I didn't take too long!
Are you ready to go?
You take a good look at his outfit... It's...
  • > Adorable
  • > Hideously gaudy... But I'd better not hurt his feelings
"You look great!"

This compliment makes Mod 16's smile widen, and he leads you out the door to leave.

Here we are at the furry rave club, .

He said it thoughtfully, so empathetically.

You have no clue how you got here, how much time has passed, or what city this is. Maybe you took a cab, fell asleep in the car ride, and were woken up very abruptly?
You decide not to bother with even asking when Mod 16 grabs your arm and pulls you along to the entrance. He pays for the tickets inside upfront, at 69$ apiece.
When you take a good look around, squinting against painfully bright flashing lights, you see that this club must be pretty popular.

You can't tell exactly how big the room is through a sea of strangely dressed people jumping around and waving glowsticks in the air.

The music playing has a powerful bass that overpowers the song. You can feel the deep rumbling bass rattle your chest. It's making you feel slightly nauseous.
You notice that something on the other side of the room caught Mod 16's attention. He tilts his head, and his hair tendrils sway unsettlingly with his jerky movements.
Hey, , I'll be right back. You'll be okay without me for a second, right?
  • > Yeah, go ahead!
  • > Um... I dunno... could I go with you?
Before you can vocalize your answer, he's already run off.
When you look to see where he's gone, you see that he's headed towards what looks like a group of 20-somethings smoking cigarettes.
At first you think, "that's weird, I can't think of any places that still allow indoor smoking," but you guess this place just has lax security.

That thought makes you a bit more nervous.

You take this opportunity to take a better look at the crowd, and can see that a sizable portion of the attendees are in animal costumes of all kinds.

Dogs, horses, dragons, and a shark... dog... velociraptor... thing? You think? You assume it's some kind of hybrid creature.

It's been, what, 15 minutes now that you've been waiting for Mod 16? Maybe more?
You bought an overpriced soda from a vending machine near the entrance and have been sipping at it anxiously.
In an attempt to pass the time and relax, you tried to get into the music, and it almost worked at first... But...
You're seriously thinking you should go find him. At this point you're bored, freaked out, and don't even really know if he can defend himself.

You suddenly see Mod 16 stumbling past other club-goers to get out of a crowd.

He barrels straight towards you with a wobbling gait.
He's swaying weirdly like he's trying to find his balance, and you grab his shoulder to hold him steady.
He looks pretty exhausted.
  • > Leave him here
  • > Walk him out
He stumbles again when you release his shoulder, this time falling over and crumpling to the ground.
You turn to leave, irritated about this night being such a waste of time.
You look back over your shoulder just once before exiting the building, and can see Mod 16 visibly sobbing while someone in a fox costume gives him a comforting hug.
You wrap your arm along his back to keep him steady and lead him out.
You guess that he overexerted himself with all the intense lights and sounds of the club, along with running around and getting lost.

You don't imagine he gets out much...

"Come on 16, let's get you some fresh air."

He doesn't protest, he just smiles weakly and lets you guide him.

I'm so sorry... I...
He seems to need a minute to collect his thoughts, and he might be struggling to speak clearly.
I'm so stupid... I really meant to be right back, but I went and fell down the K-hole, then it was so dark and crowded I lost you.

Komaeda hole?

Can you ever forgive me for leaving you all alone and getting lost after dragging you here in the first place... I'm such a stupid fat gay bitch.
  • > I was scared for you
  • > I wanted to spend more time with you
Oh... Really? You um...
...Care about me?
"Of course, 16." You smile warmly at him.
"Let's get back to the 2bed2bath. When we get back could you maybe help me... Design a fursona?"
When the two of you get back to the 2bed2bath, you sit down together against his huge mass of pillows.

It's surprisingly comfortable, you easily settle in and lean against Mod 16's shoulder.

Various furry-themed internet videos, from fursuit dancing, to fursuit vines, to emo cat animations, all play while Mod 16 sketches various pictures of a furry version of you.
In many of them, you're holding hands with a weird little rat...
The sight and sound of fursuit dancing competition clips turns out to be incredibly calming.

You drift off into sleep to the sound of a quadrupedal unicorn fursuit running and dancing to the beat of Gangnam Style.

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