Mod 18's room seems to be... confused?

Well, most of it definitely has a cute flair, but the rest is incomprehensible.

There's a sweet chocolate smell wafting through the air that compliments the adorable decor; it's a lot like something you'd see straight out of a magazine.

But something freakish sticks out of this otherwise lovely room.

There's the innocence of horse bedspreads, fairy lights taped to the walls, and plushies littered throughout the room.

Right by the bed, there's a little trash can filled to the brim with iClown gift cards...

And... what seems to be a tattered poster of various anime boys, some of their faces shoddily crossed out with pink markings.
Upon closer inspection, you notice slashes all over it that have been covered up with scotch tape... And the faint stench of blood!?
...Yeah. Okay.

Maybe you should just room with somaeda else—

Mod 18: —Oh!

You're going to stay in my room...?

...Just your luck.
Mod 18: No no, I didn't mean it as a bad thing! I'm actually really happy you chose me...
Mod 18: Out of all of us... You wanted to sleep with me! Ufufu~
Mod 18: Well, not with me, but, uh... in my room, with me.
Mod 18: Ahaha, I hope you get my point!
  • > D-Don't worry about it!
  • > ...
Mod 18: Ah... okay!! Sorry, I'm no good with words sometimes... I hope that's fine with you, ...
  • > It's fine...
Mod 18: Umu...
  • > ...
Mod 18: A-Anyway, welcome to my room! Hehe~
Mod 18: I hope you'll enjoy your stay with me tonight. Is there anything I can get you?
  • > I'm okay.
  • > Maybe a glass of water?
Mod 18: Anything for you, -kun.
  • > Th-Thanks...
Mod 18: Hey hey, if you ever need something, just be sure to tell me!
Mod 18: I wouldn't want my cute little guest to be left disappointed after all.
Mod 18: Huh...? Oh!
Mod 18: Yeah, you're cute! Suuuuuuper cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!~

So of course I'd want to make sure you're doing good. Fufufu~

Mod 18: Ah, it's already getting pretty late, but, hmm... I'm not really sleepy yet!
Mod 18: Do you wanna play some games before going to bed...? I only have the ones on my phone though, haha...
  • > Sure, that sounds fun! Do you play Honky's Circus: Idol Talent?
  • > No thanks... A lot's been on my mind since—
Mod 18: —Since walking in here, huh...?
Mod 18: Ufufu~ Did you really think I wouldn't notice you taking in your surroundings with such a fearful expression? Hah!
Mod 18: You figured out something about me, did you not?

Something about the most disgraceful side of me?

Mod 18: You idiot. Knowing that your safety was compromised from that very moment, you still—
Mod 18: ...You could have at least played along a little... Let me have my fun... Given me gifts for being oh so sweet to you...
Mod 18: Kufufu~
Mod 18: ...If only you had played by that script—
Is- Is that a knife?!
Mod 18: ...Then I might have decided to spare your life, you know?
Mod 18: But you failed to accomplish something so simple.
  • > Return
Mod 18: Uwaaah!! H-How did you know~?

Are you an ultimate psychic or something? That's so cool, !!

Ah, his ears perked up a little.
Mod 18: Let's add each other! Aaaah!!
Mod 18: I'm happy to finally have someone to play this game with!! Someone super cute 'n' cool like no less!!
Mod 18: Who's your favorite clown, ?

Personally, I can't pick just one!

Mod 18: I like Arjunya, Cu Clownlainn Jester, Nicyooooooon, Shitty Ichiclownnose...
...Mod 18 seems to like everyone. He just keeps going! It's almost as if he's just listing off the entire roster!
To top it all off, he's even throwing in a bit of character analysis to help build some kind of explanation as to why he likes the character.

...For each. And. Every. One. Of. Them.

But it's kind of sweet, in a way. Mod 18 seems like the type to find the good in everyone.

Besides, he looks cute talking about his passions with that bright-eyed sort of face. Yeah, he looks really cute.

...Is that your heart beating a little faster?
Mod 18: Ugh... They're all just too good! But my luck hasn't been too hot lately... Uuuuu...
Mod 18: I used up all the iClown card funds that I saved up over the year and didn't get even get one of my fav clownies!!
Mod 18: Uuuu... What am I gonna do noooow...
His mood took a turn for the worse, ugh... Maybe you shouldn't have brought up Idol Talent... Now you just feel sorry for him.
...Letting him indulge with a little something extra shouldn't hurt, should it?
"Mod 18, I think you should have this. Here."
  • > Hand him a $100 iClown gift card
"I'm a F2Player, it's not like I'd use it... But you should think of it as my Valentine's gift to you and as a thank you for letting me stay in your room tonight."
Mod 18: ...!!

Would... would it really be okay for someone like me to have such a nice gift...?

Mod 18: Geez!

What're you trying to do? Make me fall in love with you? Haha!

Mod 18: ...Hm hm~
Mod 18: Well... It's working a little...
Mod 18: You don't have to be so nice you know... But h-here you are!!
Mod 18: It's no fair...! The fact that someone as cute as you chose to bunk with me is enough... But you also turned out to be a total sweetie pie too!!
Mod 18: Agh!! It's too much for my heart to handle!!
"Mod 18..."
He's really cute when he gets flustered, huh?
  • > Give him more iClown cards
  • > Give him more iClown cards
  • > Give him more iClown cards
Mod 18: What's this...?
Mod 18: Wait—! What are you up to?!
  • > Transfer an ungodly amount of money to his Clowncoin account
  • > Transfer an ungodly amount of money to his Clowncoin account
  • > Transfer an ungodly amount of money to his Clowncoin account
Mod 18: H-hey, I already admitted to liking you a lot... If you keep at it... I don't know what'll happen...
  • > Write Mod 18 into your will
"Mod 18, we've only known each other for a few hours but... I'm already smitten."
Mod 18: ...
"You like gacha-oriented games a lot and well... If winning big on them is something that would make you happy, then I'm ready to devote my everything to you. Bank account and all."
"I barely know much about you at all, but, I just wanna give you more reasons to smile."
"I know it's so sudden and yet... I really do think I love you..."
Mod 18: Putting it like that... , I—
Mod 18: ...
Mod 18: ...I love you too, .
Mod 18: But... recklessly spoiling me with gifts like this... is it really okay?
"Of course...!"
Mod 18: ...I see.
Mod 18: If that's how you truly feel, then—
Mod 18: ...
Mod 18: I'm sorry, .
Mod 18: I do not think I am capable of actually loving you.
Mod 18: I do not believe that I can love you as my everything.
Mod 18: ...Or as anything at all.
Mod 18: I think it's easier to hate you, actually.
Mod 18: Any act of mine that carried some semblance of genuine affection?

They were lies.

Mod 18: I will never love you.
Mod 18: For you to even believe I was capable of doing so is nothing but a sick joke.
Mod 18: An insult to—
Mod 18: ...I already have someone precious. Someone who fills that important place in my heart.
Mod 18: Someone I will forever devote myself to, in both life and death.
Mod 18: ...Fufufu.
Mod 18: If you know me well enough... you might already have a hunch as to who that is.
Mod 18: You might not.
Mod 18: In any case, you will know for sure soon enough.
Mod 18: Despite knowing this... Will you foolishly continue to devote your heart to me...?
Mod 18: Knowing that I am incapable of ever returning so much as an ounce of your laughably pathetic love?
Mod 18: Knowing that my heart will forever belong to someone else?
  • > ...
  • > Yes.
Mod 18: ...Just as I thought.
Mod 18: Leave my presence now if you wish to save yourself from further disgrace.
"Mod 18, wait—!"
Mod 18: Just leave already, you pathetic worm!
"H-Hold on...!"
"Why would you do something so cruel? Acting so sweet just to make a quick buck off of my feelings for you— You're so selfish, Mod 18!"
Mod 18: ...
Mod 18: Ufufufu!
"Why are you laughing!?"
Mod 18: Everymaeda else in this household already knows of the twisted state of my heart.
Mod 18: ...Perhaps the reason why no one came to check on us was because they had assumed that the worst case scenario was inevitable.
Mod 18: Well, if that truly is the case, they had the right idea.
Mod 18: ...Calling me selfish was pretty mean, you know?
Mod 18: If anything, shouldn't it be me calling out your selfishness?
Mod 18: Behaving as if I owe you my love after all you did was hang out with me for a few hours... Then suddenly, you recklessly decide that you want me to inherit all of your fortunes.
Mod 18: ...What an awful attitude.
Mod 18: It just makes me want to kill you.
He's gotta be kidding... right?


Is- Is that a knife?!
"Mod 18...! W-Wait!"
Mod 18: Any plea you make now will not save you.
Mod 18: Nothing will.
Mod 18: ...Goodnight, .
Mod 18: You'll be joining the rest of "them" soon enough.
Mod 18: ...
Mod 18: Your stupidity is impressive.
Mod 18: Hmph... But it appears that you have become weirdly attached to me.
Mod 18: Troublesome.
Mod 18: I only sought to waste time and earn material goodies from some poor sap while I could.
Mod 18: It's not like I enjoy someone invading my personal sanctuary, so I figured I may as well make the most of it.
Mod 18: ...Here.
Mod 18 hands you something carefully wrapped and adorned with a bow.

It pulsates a bit and lets out a deflated honk in your shaky hands...

Mod 18: I would feel bad knowing I left someone with such impressive capabilities of devotion alone with a broken heart.

With this, you might have a clue in finding who you truly belong with.

Mod 18: For now though, this is goodbye.
Mod 18: Good luck, .
"Did I black out? Ah... What a weird dream. H-Hey, Mod 18—"
When you come to, you notice a drastic change in your surroundings.
What was once a well-furnished room is now nothing but a decrepit concrete space.
No sweet chocolate scent. No plushies. No lights.
Only one thing remains.
"Mod 18, where did you go...?!" You cry out.
The faint smell of blood.
"Mod 18!"
"Mod 18...?"
... ...
... ... ...!
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